Ductanic Viralizes

So my 10-second 3d epic Ductanic
(or Titanic, The True Story with music by the GoGos!)

has over 100,000 150,000 320,000 475,599 hits on youtube! + its on or linked from like 1700 sites!! & shows no sign of stopping!!! they asked me if i wanted to put ads but the music was copyright so i couldnt – don’t tell ok? or theyll kick me off! 🙁 and lots of people commented too, mostly they were just like “WTF???” but they ranged from positively negative:

fuck you fucktard, sank th wrong way, and somebody in my family died on the titanic yeah, feel fuckign guilty!

to simply observational:

the friken duck sittin dar and za fat duck is da weird

to possibly positive:

maaaayyn whaaaaf uhla hay hay hay hay lok rir heeeeee hee hee !!!!! waq

Waq indeed!

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