My Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated with the infinite diversity of artistic expression throughout human history, from its earliest beginnings at Kimberley and Lascaux to its latest digital manifestations, and its relationship with the development of consciousness.

My work is diverse, but has a common thread. As with any artist, every piece is an exploration of my own mind, an attempt to find out what really makes me tick and ultimately, to the extent that other people respond to it, to discover what we all have in common.

In the sculptures I go wild, generally starting with no firm idea of the end product and seeing what strange archetypal monsters combining history, religion and sexuality come bubbling out of my subconscious.

The portraits, which on the surface seem to represent the epitome of formal style and technique, are an attempt to capture the soul of the subject in such a way that they, and those who view it, will recognize something uniquely about themself. I find that about half of the painting process is getting down a passable likeness of the subject, and half is getting a true representation of their personality and character.

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