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Glen Cram is an accomplished artist in a variety of media.e is available on commission to paint your portrait in oils in the classical style.

Why a painted portrait?

Throughout history, a painted portrait has been the traditional way to commemorate a special event in one’s life, to give a unique gift to a loved one, or simply to show the world that you are a person who has arrived. Kings and queens, religious and business leaders, all have asserted their positions with portraits by the master artists of their day. Looking at them now, hundreds of years later, we can understand, better than any written record, who they were and their importance in their world. But their portraits did not only serve to assert their position; pictures of their family members make a more intimate connection between our generation and those past times. More recently, portrait painters have captured the lives of average people as well, so that we can get a real sense of what it was like to live in those times.

With the rise of photography, the art of the painted portrait in the classical style has been all but lost. There are many websites around who will duplicate a photograph in paint, some very cheaply indeed. They will transfer the photo to the canvas, add some paint and voila! A masterpiece! Not. The goal of the true artist is to capture the soul of the subject and give them something that will last, that can be passed down proudly in the family so that you will be remembered for generations to come.

Why Glen?

I have over 40 years experience in creating beautiful things. I have studied the classical academic techniques practised by Picasso and Van Gogh when they were students, and demonstrated the talents and skills to immortalise you or your loved ones in paint.

Please check my Gallery. If you like what you see, drop me a line at Let’s make you a masterpiece!

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